gablex is here to help.

With support teams facing increased call volumes, challenging working conditions, and stressed-out customers, gablex can help lighten the load. Using an intelligent virtual voice assistant, you can provide your customers with easy, self-service answers to questions around shipping delays, policy changes, and other COVID-driven inquiries. gablex has helped our e-commerce clients reduce calls handled by live agents by up to 80%, improving customer satisfaction and alleviating staffing challenges during this unprecedented time. Our easy onboarding takes minutes - not days - and we're extending a complimentary pilot to new customers during the pandemic. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reduce costs, increase satisfaction, and convert more customers.

High Quality Support Available 24/7

Your virtual voice assistant is more accurate than a human (+95%) and is always available to help your customers - even when the business is closed.

Easy Implementation

Spin up your branded dynamic IVR in minutes, no IT resources, prompt recordings, or complicated flow charts required. gablex works with the systems you already have in place and integrates with most tech seamlessly.

Real-time Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve with up-to-the-moment visibility into call reasons, customer sentiment, and trending topics with real-time dashboards.

Automatic Ticket Tagging

Advanced voice analytics enable gablex to automatically tag tickets and transcribe voicemails, saving countless hours and allowing your agents to reallocate time away from repetitive tasks.