COVID-19 is causing unprecedented levels of call volume, putting stress on your CX team.

Voice technology for the modern business

Use the latest in natural language processing technology to improve your customer experience and grow your business.

Conversation is powerful yet simple

Conversation is the most natural user interface. It can remove friction and increase efficiency of both customer-facing and internal-facing interactions.


Available 24/7

Your customers expect to do business with you at any hour of day. Be there for them after-hours with your virtual receptionist.

made for you

Made for industry

Our proprietary and industry-specific applications ensure that your voice assistant handles tasks elegantly, serving customers the answers they want quickly or escalating to a human when needed.

talk or text

Flexible and omnichannel

Some customers don't want to talk on the phone, and that's cool. Your assistant will work the same way via SMS.

constantly improving

Your assistant learns over time

Using real conversations, your assistant will get better every day.

Verticals we serve


  • Automated returns processing
  • Promotions and sales
  • Order by phone

Real Estate

  • Leasing / property mgmt. scheduling
  • Property management
  • Lead generation

Beauty & Wellness

  • AI-powered appointment scheduling
  • Schedule optimization
  • Product upsell and customer notifications


  • AI- powered appointment scheduling
  • Patient triaging
  • After hours / on call services


  • Reservations
  • Automated Q&A
  • Business hours & location


  • AI-powered appointment scheduling
  • Automated Q&A on services offered
  • CRM integration

Let conversation drive your business

Get started today and improve your workflow.

Who we are

Alex Sambvani


Alex first became interested in technology when he learned to code at the age of 14 (self-taught). Since, he has spent his career hopping back and forth between engineering and business. He spent a number of years working in private equity investing and more recently worked as Senior Data Scientist at Spotify.  Alex is passionate about applying artificial intelligence to challenging societal problems. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard.

Gabe Duncan


Gabe has over 10 years of experience in tech. He started his career in neuroscience research and then went into the startup world to sharpen his engineering skills. After touring as a full-time musician and running a consulting business, he joined the NYTimes as a Data Engineer. Recently he worked with Alex at Spotify doing a mix of engineering, data science and machine learning. He holds a B.S. of Applied Mathematics from Columbia. 


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